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Our IT Support Service offers affordable maintenance plans for businesses in Miami and surrounding cities. We understand the importance of monitoring your network, servers, workstations, and key points of failure to prevent disruptions like virus attacks, network intrusions, and security exposures. 

With our regular monitoring, you can rest assured that your business will stay up and running smoothly.

Why Complete Network Care for IT Support?


Our team of highly skilled IT professionals brings a wealth of expertise to address a wide range of technical issues. From troubleshooting software problems to implementing robust cybersecurity measures, our knowledgeable staff is dedicated to providing top-notch IT support.


We take a proactive stance in managing your IT infrastructure. Our monitoring systems allow us to identify and address potential issues before they impact your operations, minimizing downtime and ensuring a seamless and efficient IT environment for your business.


Recognizing that every business has unique IT needs, we offer personalized solutions to align with your specific requirements. Whether you are a startup or an established business, our flexible approach ensures that our IT support services are tailored to suit the scale and nature of your operations.


  • Minimized Downtime: 

IT support helps minimize downtime by promptly addressing and resolving technical issues. This ensures that your systems and applications remain operational, reducing interruptions to business processes and improving overall productivity.

  • Enhanced Security

IT support plays a crucial role in implementing and maintaining robust cybersecurity measures. This includes antivirus software, firewalls, and regular security updates, protecting your systems and sensitive data from potential threats and cyberattacks.

  • Improved Efficiency and Productivity: 

With IT support in place, employees can focus on their core responsibilities without being hindered by technical issues. Quick resolutions to IT problems mean less time spent troubleshooting, leading to improved efficiency and higher overall productivity.

  • Cost Savings: 

While investing in IT support services incurs a cost, it can lead to significant savings in the long run. Timely problem resolution, preventive maintenance, and efficient use of technology contribute to avoiding costly downtime and potential data loss.

Step into the world of our distinguished clients who have entrusted us with their needs. Together, we've formed partnerships that drive success and redefine standards.

Some of Our Clients



We provide professional IT services so you can rest with the assurance that all reasonable measures are being taken to prevent disruptions such as virus attacks, network intrusions, and other network security exposures. 

Our network services include:

Design and Implement, Performance Tuning, VPN & Remote Access, Internet Access Troubleshooting, Troubleshoot Errors & Performance Issues, Wireless Integration, WAN Connectivity, VPN & Remote Access, Security Evaluation & Remediation, Router/Switch/Firewall

Cable Runs.


We provide professional workstation services to maximize PC life cycles and to keep your equipment running efficently. Our troubleshooting tools are vital for every network administrator. In the networking field, it is important to amass a number of tools that are used to troubleshoot several network conditions. 

Our workstation services include: 

General Troubleshooting, Setup New Workstations, Equipment Moves, Migrations, Upgrade or Replace Hardware & Software, Computer Crashing, Anti-Virus, Preventive Maintenance, Anti-Spam, Anti-Spyware


Complete Network Care understands the critical importance of smooth hardware and software operations in the courtroom, which is why our expert technicians are here to ensure everything runs flawlessly.

With our trial tech service, you can rest assured that all courtroom technology capabilities are fully optimized. Our personnel specialize in assessing and maximizing the potential of courtroom technology, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your trial needs.

In addition to technical support, we offer the option for a designated "Zoom Host" to facilitate virtual communication throughout the trial. This includes serving as a communication liaison for opposing counsel, handling IT setup, planning, and ensuring smooth communication channels are maintained.


We provide high-end IT solutions for your core servers and services. Over several years we have used many ways to improve server and site loading speeds, which includes using proxies, caching, and more. We can also provide and install hardware and software to maximize your server needs. 

Our server services include:

Active Directory Administration, Automated Backups, Server Optimization, Upgrades (Hardware & Software), Robust Fault Tolerance, RAID, UPS, Failover Backup, Troubleshooting, Maximize Uptime, Intrusion Prevention & Encryption Services, Implement & Maintain Critical Services


We provide custom-designed security solutions to prevent network attacks, data breaches and other malicious threats. We can also simulate a malicious attack by purposely attempting to penetrate into your system. This can be a vital tool in discovering holes so they can be filled before the real thing happens. 

Our security services include: 

Security Evaluation & Remediation, IDS/IPS Installation, Penetration Testing, Intrusion Response, Vulnerability Scanning, Trojan Sweep & Removal, Physical/Network Security Consolidation, Log Analysis, Custom Security Solutions, Threat Assessment

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