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The Complete Network Care team of highly trained security experts will work with you to integrate any surveillance cameras, desired recording options, networking & other security technologies.

Security cameras, Miami

We specialize in the sale and professional installation of high-quality security cameras, ensuring that you can protect what matters most.


Our professional team is dedicated to providing top-notch service, from helping you choose the right cameras for your needs to ensuring meticulous installation for optimal coverage.

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Residential and Commercial

Choosing a professionally installed CCTV camera system provides a comprehensive and reliable security solution, offering peace of mind and protection for your property.


  • Expertise and Experience: Professional installation brings the expertise of our trained technicians who understand the optimal placement of cameras, angles, and coverage areas. Our experience ensures that the system is configured for maximum effectiveness, reducing blind spots and vulnerabilities that might be overlooked in a DIY setup.

  • Reliability and Quality Equipment: Professionally installed CCTV systems often use higher-quality equipment compared to many DIY alternatives. The cameras, recording devices, and other components are selected based on industry standards and are more likely to provide reliable performance over the long term.

  • Warranty and Support: Our professionally installed systems typically come with warranties and ongoing support. In case of malfunctions or technical issues, you have a reliable point of contact for troubleshooting and repairs. This contrasts with DIY setups, where you may need to rely on the manufacturer's support or troubleshoot issues yourself.

  • Long-Term Cost Efficiency: While DIY systems may seem cost-effective initially, a professionally installed CCTV system often proves more cost-efficient in the long run. The higher quality of equipment, expert installation, and ongoing support contribute to a system that is more reliable, durable, and less prone to maintenance issues.

  • Remote Monitoring and Management: Professional systems often come with robust remote monitoring capabilities. This allows you to access live feeds and recorded footage from anywhere, enhancing convenience and responsiveness to security concerns. DIY systems may lack the advanced features and reliability required for seamless remote management.

  • Integration with Other Security Systems: Professional systems can be integrated with other security features, such as alarms, access control, and monitoring services. This interconnected approach enhances overall security and can facilitate a more coordinated response to potential threats.



Our security camera services employ cutting-edge technology to provide you with state-of-the-art surveillance solutions. From high-resolution imaging to smart analytics, our systems are equipped with the latest features to enhance security and provide you with valuable insights into your premises.


Our professional installation team ensures that your security cameras are strategically placed for maximum coverage and effectiveness. We also provide ongoing support, ensuring that your system operates smoothly. With our commitment to reliability, you can have confidence in the security of your property, backed by a team dedicated to your safety.


We understand that each location has unique security requirements. Our experts work closely with you to assess your specific needs and design a customized security camera system. Whether it's a residential property or a business facility, our tailored solutions ensure optimal coverage and protection.

Why Complete Network Care for Security Cameras?

Featured Products

Discover peace of mind with our selection of advanced security cameras. From discreet indoor options to robust outdoor models, our lineup ensures comprehensive coverage for your South Florida home or business. 

Vandal proof cameras are weatherproof camera systems used for indoor or outdoor security systems. 

Infrared cameras are perfect for low or no light areas. 

Weather proof cameras provide security regardless of the weather! 

Bullet cameras are usually weather proof and have a long range, ideal for long backyards and parking lots.

Step into the world of our distinguished clients who have entrusted us with their needs. Together, we've formed partnerships that drive success and redefine standards.

Some of Our Clients

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